Day 14

Do you ever feel like people are judging you?  You may be right!  But have you noticed that some days you are not as bothered by this thought as others?  It turns out that when we don’t respect ourselves, it’s pretty devastating when we believe that others agree with us!

So here’s a suggestion:  we have to start with ourselves.

Do you criticize your efforts?  Do you denigrate yourself with negative self-talk?  Do you put yourself down, refuse compliments and words of affirmations?  Are you tentative with others, trying to avoid conflict, or invite criticism?  What other strategies might you use to hide your own self-doubt and insecurities?  Some people become brash and bullying, defensive and angry.  Others shrink away from recognition.  

Today, notice your words, your self-talk, and even your tone.  Someone once told me that if I don’t think much of myself, why should I expect others to feel any different?

I am not suggesting you become a fount of positivity or turn a blind-eye to the things about yourself that actually need to change.  But let’s take a two-pronged approach.  As we are learning how to live more responsibly, make our insides and outsides more congruent, let’s try to give ourselves a bit of grace and mercy and reduce the negative criticisms.  If on some point you find that you are disappointed with a choice you have made – own it. We can correct our mistakes with humility.  But let’s jump off the self-hate bandwagon!


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