Day 12

Everything that is revealed by the light is light. Therefore, it says, Wake up, sleeper! Get up from the dead, and Christ will shine on you. Ephesians 5:14 CEB

Jennifer Sowle describes codependent relationship like this:  Codependents are often angry, depressed, and anxious.  They may feel misunderstood, wounded, unloved, disappointed, slighted, and abandoned.  They often feel like a victim of the person they love the most.  It’s as if {our dependent to our “co”, whoever they are…} holds the magic mirror that changes {our} image from a toad to a {prince/princess}.  Powerless to transform {ourselves}, {we} must make sure that {he/she} is nearby, mirror in hand, to make {us} see how beautiful {we} are.  It becomes a desperate and debilitating need.”

Here we go again, reminding ourselves that we need to wake up to our inside selves.  We need to stop comparing our insides to someone else’s outsides.  We must pursue honesty with ourselves and others about the times when we are irresponsible – asking someone else to do the hard work of the acquisition of self-respect. This is an inside job, and it builds as we discover the values that we want to live by…and then start practicing them in what we give attention to – in our thoughts, emotions and behaviors.  This is our work.   

Today, notice if you are watching others in an attempt to define yourself.


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