Day 25

The greatest of disadvantages is that we are too prone to welcome everybody else’s wrong solution to the problem of life.  Thomas Merton

Last Christmas I was given the opportunity to see how much I had learned in the last 38 years.  Our youngest son, Michael, had to work and could not come home for Christmas.  Oh boy was I sad.  It didn’t matter so much to me that he was being a responsible adult, honoring his commitments to his employers and taking responsibility for his own life.  I wanted him home for Christmas!

Eventually, I rose up out of my stew pot and decided to take responsibility for my life.  I looked around and considered who would be here for the holidays.  I thought about how those of us that were here might enjoy our time together.  I decided to practice what I preach.

I don’t know – I hope it helped Michael in some small way to have a mother who wasn’t weeping and wailing and gnashing her teeth into his ear for weeks on in.  I trusted that if I took responsibility for my life, it would be a decent model for all my children to do the same.

But no matter what my family did or did not take away from my experience, I had a fabulous Christmas.  I missed my boy AND I enjoyed the friends and family I was with.  Yes, those old song lyrics “Love the one you’re with,” can mean more than what I THOUGHT it meant when I was 19!

There is no greater gift we can give to ourselves (and perhaps others) than to learn how to take responsibility for our own lives.  


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