Day 12

You have turned for me my mourning into dancing…Psalm 30

Grief is tricky.

We all do it differently, and when we are grieving together it can get pretty uncomfortable with our varied ways of coping bumping into each other, often causing bruising.

I cannot figure grief out.  I cannot muscle my way through it or predict when it will show up.  I am horrible at comforting the grieving and I get irritated when others try to comfort with clichés and platitudes, false words of comfort and the like.  Mainly I guess I get aggravated because I can relate to the comforter, who tries so hard to support the grieving, but doesn’t know what to say or do.

I only know two things about grief:  

  1. Anyone grieving or living in community with people grieving need to let compassion and empathy rule the day.  No judgment on any side.  
  2. The healing process is as mysterious as the Holy Spirit that blows like a wind, uncontrollable.

I am partial to this snippet in Psalm 30, that acknowledges that when we are suffering, our help will not be self-administered.  

“You have turned for me….

I love that.

Today, try to notice the various ways God is showing up through his Spirit and turning things around.  It may be the gentlest of breezes, a seeming coincidence, a small matter that inevitably and only through hindsight shifts your perceptions so that you see a thing more clearly, with deeper love and a bit more faith.


One thought on “Day 12

  1. I see life in a tenuous way. WithHim in the background. I saw Him all over the place yesterday at the sunday celebration service. Healing and my paltry efforts. So many layers i will never understand- but i do see love God love my fellow man. Maybe that is all i need this moment.

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