Day 8

I love going to the U. S. Tennis Open in NYC. If you can catch a young up-and-comer on one of the more humble courts, you can sit on a small bleacher with their family and cheer them on. This is a lot of fun. In fact, I find everything about this sporting event entertaining.

But the experience is not without its drawbacks. For one thing, it is usually very hot in August and lots of the seats are sun-drenched. We sweat like pigs and then take a subway back to our hotel. Yuk. And then there are the shoe issues.

Any gal knows that you do not go to New York City and wear sneakers, especially at the Open. People dress fashionably for these events. The only people wearing athletic shoes are the athletes. Every year that we’ve gone to this event, I end up with blisters. I’ve tried all sorts of semi-fashion forward shoes that promise comfort only to have them deliver blisters. Pete thinks this is silly and that I should choose comfort over fashion, but I’m not ready to accept this truth just yet.

Here’s what I’ve learned on these trips. I’ve learned that I can endure uncomfortable experiences. I’ve learned how to mitigate the discomfort by drinking lots of water, bringing band aids, choosing clothes that dry quickly and wearing a hat.

When I face other uncomfortable moments, like when I’m having to change a bad habit or learn a new skill, I have some measure of confidence that I can endure the suffering that accompanies change. I know that I can make adjustments, find ways to cope with the stress of “yuk”. It’s not always good for us to value comfort over all else.

Have you been too comfortable lately? Is it time to experience a little discomfort so that you might improve your quality of life in the long run?


One thought on “Day 8

  1. I’m in the early stage of re-habit forming. It always seems a little romantic and exciting at first, but then the magnitude of the change hits me and I feel panicky or overwhelmed. That’s where one day at a time, one moment at a time saves me. For this next breath, minute, I can do this. My soul needs this. My future self is cheering me on. I can hear her and see her smiling.

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