Day 6

In the summer it can get really hot on a tennis court in the middle of the day. Recently Pete and I went out to play a couple sets, and it was pretty steamy. We had a late start, and it was close to noon when we took the court. On the court next to us another couple was hitting balls too. Pete said after our time on adjoining courts, “Those old people were hitting the ball really well.”

“Honey,” I replied, “Those people are probably our age.”

I thought about why he thought they were so much older, and it occurred to me that they played tennis the way I imagine old people play. Don’t misunderstand – they played way better than Pete and me, and could beat us straight sets. But they did seem older than us.

What do I mean by that? Between games they would go sit on one of the benches that we see on tennis courts but never use. They would take a few minutes and drink water and chat and then return to the court.

Pete and I forgot to bring water, and if I had it I might forget to drink it. By the end of our time on the court, I was dehydrated and tired for the rest of the day.

Both of us decided that no matter their age, this couple had things to teach us. We needed to learn to accept the fact that we probably shouldn’t go out and play two sets of tennis without taking at least a couple breaks and rehydrating.

I thought I had learned a lot about acceptance, but I see in this experience an opportunity to learn more. Maybe it isn’t all bad to accept your age and make adjustments. Perhaps these adjustments will allow us to play tennis longer. If we fail to “act our age” we might end up with unnecessary health restrictions. Didn’t someone say recently that 60 is the new 40? Well, it’s not!

How are you doing at acceptance of life on life’s terms? Any truths that you are resisting? If we look at life through the lens of faith, we can accept hard truths easier, perhaps, knowing that we can trust God with all things.

I have learned that life can be harsh, and it is good to take breaks and stay hydrated. Decent self-care is essential for longevity. Keep those water bottles handy, and have fun in this July heat!


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