Day 2

A few months ago, our son Michael moved out of one rental house into another. I understand this new place is quite unique. The owner has given him plenty of permission to spruce up the place, and Michael started by painting his bedroom. Using a Candyland theme, he painted a border around his room in various sizes of blocks each a color of the Candyland board game. The pictures look great.

In talking about his painting, Michael remarked, “I wish I had learned earlier in life that it’s ok to make some mistakes.”

Oh boy – that’s brilliant.

Here is the thing about mistakes – we ALL make them ALL the time.

Tennis has taught me that making mistakes are inevitable, but my attitude about those mistakes is what really makes the difference in my quality of life.

Some of us are more prone to perfectionism than others. But all of us have had people in our lives who have encouraged our fear of failure and reticence to make mistakes.

Is there something you WANT to try but are afraid you will fail at if you attempt it? I am a tennis failure by all objective standards, but oh how I love the game. It would have been such a sad loss if I had cared more about winning than doing what I love. Today, do something you love without regard for your performance.


One thought on “Day 2

  1. Our boy is a perfectionist. This is a good reminder that I need to also remind him – often – that it is OK to make mistakes. That everybody makes mistakes and it is OK.

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