Day 1

For years our McBean family would gather at a timeshare in the mountains of Virginia. Once the children started coming along, the fun increased exponentially. This resulted in nightly tennis matches, with various teams of doubles.

In the early days, basic instructions were necessary. The kids needed to learn which box to serve into, basic court etiquette, how to hold a racket. It was a lot of fun. One phrase that was repeated often was, “Keep your eyes on the ball.” It turns out that watching the ball as you swing through it is a lot more crucial to good play that staring at where you hope it will land.

Perhaps that’s one big life lesson that tennis can teach us all.

Have your eyes drifted? Do you need to return to the basics of “keeping your eyes on the ball”?

Sometimes in the heat of battle in the midst of life, we lose our focus. We forget what’s most important. We start wanting to win a point, more than we want to build a fulfilling life.  Today, consider your life and perhaps some issues that seem so very important to you will fade in comparison to your larger life objectives.


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