Day 30

1 Corinthians – “[Love]…always perseveres.”

Lately I’ve been watching my parents persevere under duress. My mom’s Alzheimer’s is marching across her brain at an astonishing clip. But she and dad are persevering. I learned how to persevere in defeat (and the occasional victory) on the tennis court, but I learned how to appreciate the value of perseverance in love by observing my parents.

My mother has never been an adventuresome sort of person; my dad is adventuresome to the max. One of my father’s passions is his Gold Wing motorcycle – a form of transportation that my mother has refused to try. Why? Because she is afraid of motorcycles and the ride messes up her hair!

Lately, my parents have been showing up at my brother’s house for a visit…on the Gold Wing. How has this happened? Who knows?

But it appears as if my mother has forgotten that she is afraid to ride on motorcycles and the condition of her hair post ride.

What she still remembers is that she loves my dad.

We can discuss the wisdom of hopping on the back of a motorcycle in your 80’s, or we can pause to admire the sustaining power of a love that perseveres. I’m taking option two.

Do you have any challenging relationships, where it seems two opposing core values collide on a regular basis? Can you find a way to compromise? Is there room in your heart to let another have their values without making change a condition of love? Evidently old dogs can learn new tricks. Go learn some today!


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