Day 28

I often talk back to the psalms…This is what I might respond if I were God to this particular psalmist.

46 How long will it last, Lord?
    Will you hide yourself forever?
    How long will your wrath burn like fire?


You weren’t so concerned about my wrath when you were off cheating on your wife, now were you? Hiding? Me? You stopped looking for me a loooonnnnnggg time ago.

47 Remember how short my life is!
    Have you created humans for no good reason?
48 Who lives their life without seeing death?


I haven’t forgotten a single day of your life, I’m God you silly woman! And you’re trying to distract yourself from the truth – it is you who are living as if your days are not precious, spending days, weeks, months, giving no thought to your ways and my desires for you.

    Who is ever rescued from the grip of the grave?  Selah


Seriously? You’re going to try to tell me that you live the way you do because you have a resentment about how long your life is or perhaps you have a phobia of death? Dude, you have been granted everything you need for an abundant life, and you’re wasting it with independent living. This kind of whining isn’t going to give you more days to live, just fewer ones to appreciate the true meaning of life and your place in it.


I’m a poor substitute for God, but I’m having so much fun with this that we’ll continue on with this tomorrow. But for today, maybe take a few minutes and practice talking back to your own thoughts, imagining how God might respond to you.


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