Day 12

I don’t know what to pray lots of days. My thoughts and feelings are all jumbled up and sometimes I just want to give up on the whole praying thing altogether. When days like that hit me, I turn to the Psalms and look for one that sings the tune I’m humming.


You’ve kept my eyelids from closing.
I’m so upset I can’t even speak.
I think about days long past;
I remember years that seem an eternity in the past.
I meditate with my heart at night;
I complain, and my spirit keeps searching:
“Will my Lord reject me forever?
Will he never be pleased again?
Has his faithful love come to a complete end?
Is his promise over for future generations?
Has God forgotten how to be gracious?
Has he angrily stopped up his compassion?” Selah Psalm 77:4-9 CEB


I tend to fill the silence of God with all sorts of assumptions, projections, suspicions, and speculations. On days when I’m feeling “less than”, insecure, maybe even neurotic, I love expressing to God how much I can relate to the feelings of those Israelites in captivity. Do you ever feel like this?


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