Day 9

Although we are losing my mom to the disease of Alzheimer’s, she is still our mom. Take for example this desire to change her identity. It involves a plan to change her hair color, wardrobe, and now with my suggestion – her shoes. My mother has always been very fashionable. It is not surprising to me that my mom, steeped in her disease, still makes plans that require trips to her favorite stores and hair stylist. I keep getting glimpses of her, even as I mourn the parts that fall away.


The Psalms help remind us of who we are, even if disease, depression, and despair result in spiritual amnesia. Created in the image of God, created to reflect God in our world by loving the way God loves. We were made to “carry” wisdom, love, and the capacity to care for the marginalized and hopeless people rejected by the world. When I lose patience with my mom, I am forgetting whose image WE are made in. It’s so nice to turn to the Psalms and remember our identity – it provides me perspective as my mom’s is slipping away.


…what are human beings
that you think about them;
what are human beings
that you pay attention to them?
You’ve made them only slightly less than divine,
    crowning them with glory and grandeur.
You’ve let them rule over your handiwork,
    putting everything under their feet— Psalm 8:4-6 CEB


We are all created human beings – in the best possible sense of the word. This memory helps us hold onto concepts like patience, kindness, respect for others – no matter what the circumstance. I pray today that we all recognize the gift of memory and the capacity to live as reflections of God in a world that so desperately needs light.


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