Day 19

I’ve spent the last few days talking about how our community members define community. I want to sum all that up today.


Most people define NSC as a place where people can find recovery resources – and that’s sort of true. We talk all the time about recovery, the 12-steps, the need for accountability. We host workshops and bring in speakers to talk about addiction or protecting our children from sexual predators. We refer people to counselors to help them with trauma or provide extra guidance when needed. All good stuff and desperately needed too.


But the thing I love the absolute most about being a member of this community is what the community thinks of itself. When asked what membership requires, not a single person actually came up with a requirement! They all were listing the benefits to the person joining!!! Isn’t that amazing? Let’s review:


  • Here you get to go out to eat once a week and get a half price burger with your friends – because you have friends! And they want to hang with you!
  • People help each other move, even if it is the last minute and the mover is ill-prepared, because who hasn’t been in that position at one point in their own lives?
  • Free coffee, because coffee is good for us!
  • A worship space that might spontaneously improve without notice, because this is OUR community, and we often lack adult supervision!


Sometimes these rules for membership are hard to live with – I’ll grant you that. Policies and procedures can sometimes streamline things. They may help us, on occasion, avoid a blunder or twenty blunders.   But I still love this place, blunders and all, mostly because it requires a stubborn commitment to trusting God to provide for our each and every need. I love this little band of people who actually believe that they are here on this planet to give the way God gives, because they themselves are reflections of God, without asking newbies to bring anything to the table other than a willingness to show up.


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