Day 18

Recently a stranger asked what his obligation to community would be if he decided to become a member. I solicited the crowd for what they thought membership meant, and the last few days I’ve been sharing their responses. Last comment made when asked what it means to be a member of NSC:


“Tell him that if he’s a member, he will know to always look around each week to see what’s been rearranged or painted around this place.”


Our community does not think it unusual that someone might come in over the course of a week and tear up old carpet and put down new. No one is surprised to find amazing new art on the chalk wall. Or a new coffee bar. Or freshly painted bathrooms. Our community has a lot of confidence in the power of the group to seek to add to the experience of being part of this tribe.


Once you get past all the preconceived notions about what church should or should not be, what can actually happen in a community that just plain loves one another is a lot of spontaneous outbursts of loving acts of kindness.


It happened just this morning as a matter of fact. I headed through the front door and noticed the yellow plastic warning sign “caution” as I entered. Then I saw equipment that looked foreign to us and I thought, “Oh no, what broke?” This is how I think – what went wrong?


But what my community is teaching me is about all the things that can actually go right!! It turns out that one of our members had shown up to clean the carpet. It was dirty, he knew how to clean it – he shows up and does it. This is so surprising and delightful – this constant influx of goodwill. I wish every church could experience this way of living.


Thank you community for knowing better than I what it means to be a small part of something special. I have lots to learn, but really good teachers!!


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