Day 13

When I was talking to the sad, lonely man last weekend, he asked me several questions.


“What do I have to do to join your church? What requirements do you have if I want to make this my church home?”


Good questions, but not ones we are typically asked.


After the service, our usual crowd was standing around and I shared the questions I had been asked earlier in the evening. I wanted their feedback. Here’s how the conversation went.


“Hey, so this guy tonight asked how he would go about joining our community.”


Laughter breaks out. The kind of laughter that causes you to throw your head back in order to get it all out; the kind of laughter that warms a heart and fills observers with a longing for what the laugher has – because it’s a good kind of infectious.


I laugh too. I laugh because I think I understand, and I am so thrilled that these awesome people do too. “That’s it? You don’t have anything else for me on this membership thing?”


“Ok, ok. Let’s think about this,” they reply, roll their eyes, humor me.


“Tell him it’ll cost him a burger at River City Diner BUT they are always half price for NSC members.”


“Tell him that if he’s a member, we’ll help him move even if he doesn’t pack before we get there.”


“Tell him that if he’s a member, he gets free coffee.” More laughter. Because of course EVERYBODY gets free coffee all the time at our place.


“Tell him that if he’s a member, he will know to always look around each week to see what’s been rearranged or painted around this place.”


This is super important. What do you notice about all these requirements for membership into our community? To be continued….


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