Day 3

From Paul, an apostle who is not sent from human authority or commissioned through human agency, but sent through Jesus Christ and God the Father who raised him from the dead; and from all the brothers and sisters with me.  Galatians 1:2 CEB


My sister Debbie is married to my brother Bob and she has had a difficult week.  Her mom passed away while on a trip to attend her own brother’s funeral.  This family buried one family member and within a week turned around and buried another.  I was privileged to attend Debbie’s mom’s funeral yesterday.  It was a beautiful tribute to a woman who understood Paul when he said, “not sent from human authority or commissioned through human agency…”.


To understand the life of Lois, it is important to grasp three concepts:  life is very difficult, it is lived within a community that informs our view of God, self, and others AND “we are not sent from human authority or commissioned through human agency, but sent through Jesus Christ and God the Father”.  That’s about it.  But IT’S a big deal.


If Lois, her friends, and family only look at Lois’s life through the lens of what we can understand by sight, I’m pretty sure the hardships would knock us all to our knees.  But Lois (and thankfully those who paid attention) didn’t see life from such a small frame of reference.  I know a lot of people never move beyond what they can explain through human experience.  If someone dares to suggest that there might be a different way of seeing a particular set of circumstances, some people are stubbornly resistant to hearing that suggestion.  I know a guy who believed he’d never live past 60, made decisions accordingly, and is currently 87 years old.  There’s a gal who believes she will never get past her mother’s untimely death, so she pops pills and drinks too much tequila.  There’s this kid, sitting in jail, because she absolutely cannot lay her family of origin’s weapons down – generations of addicts and abusers – and she believes that that’s her destiny.  If we were chatting about this subject, I would be curious to know who you believe yourself to be.  Do you have your mom’s eyes?  Dad’s temper?  Grandpa’s love of fast machines of all kinds?  These are human attributes, and yes, some do get passed down through the generations.  But some attributes go beyond genetic engineering…”not by human authority…”


Tomorrow, we will discuss how Lois lived out the principles found in Galatians…with the understanding that we can do so too!


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