Day 27

‘Cause we never wanted to be lusty or lewd

Nor tethered to prudish strings

And we never wanted to be jealously tuned

Nor withered into ugly things


Note:  These are lyrics from a song displayed in pieces over the course of a number of days.  If you’re confused, just scroll back and catch up!  The song is called Trusty and True by Damien Rice.  Look it up and give it a listen, it’s beautiful!

The words from today’s verse remind us of some of the underlying tensions that we feel in a life of faith.  We don’t want to be “lewd”, or driven by sexual impulses.  But we also don’t want to be prudish.  We don’t want to live in ways that are inherently offensive, but we also don’t want to be too rigid either.  There’s no real freedom in that, is there?  As Paul states time again, Christian life is nothing if not for freedom (though how we understand that freedom is important).

I think there’s any number of ways to interpret these words, but these last two lines almost serve as a reminder, to me anyway, that if we live in unchecked ways then this will have a cumulative effect.  Lewdness and jealousy are, perhaps, examples of the types of things that can “wither” us “into ugly things”.  If we give into the darker side of ourselves, then we will spiral downward.  I’m sure it says something to that effect in Proverbs somewhere.  Either way, this verse again speaks to the difference between what we want to be (or wanted to be) and what we actually are.

We now have a decision to make.  Are we going to keep walking down this path?  Or, are we going to take a fresh start?


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