Day 9

As I think about my own faith paradigm, one of the values/ideals/principles that stands at the top of my list is the value of humanity.  You might even call this an organizing principle, or a paradigm, for me.  Well, it’s the goal anyway.  I try to be polite and to legitimately care for the people I interact with on a daily basis, not just my friends and family but the people I encounter along the way.  Truth be told- I’m better at this with people who aren’t my friends and family.  That’s terrible, isn’t it?

There are a couple coffee shops I go to regularly in the area.  I try to stop and talk and learn a little bit about the people working in these places.  I know their names and they know mine.  I try really hard to show people that they’re valuable and worth knowing, even in these passing interactions because it’s a big-picture principle of mine that everyone should know this.  Part of this probably stems from the fact that I struggle to feel meaningful or valued.  Part of this also stems from my faith convictions.

Do I live out this principle perfectly?  Obviously not.  The people who see me on a daily basis (Brittany, mom, dad, Linda, etc. etc.) will tell you I don’t.  But, I also try to take ownership over the times when I don’t live out this principle because I actually think that is part of showing people you value them.  I believe these people would tell you that as well.  I hope so, anyway.  For all my faults, I’m relatively quick to acknowledge wrongdoing.  All this stems from one of my paradigms, which is to value the people I encounter in my life.

What are some of your big-picture ways of thinking/seeing that influence how you make little decisions in your life?


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