Day 4

During my recuperation from surgery, Pete watched more Lifetime movies than he would prefer to watch (one). He did this for me. My fascination with cheesy chick flicks is not something that he prefers (20%) about me. But he accepts the 20% because he is reasonably contented with the 80% – I hope! (See yesterday’s devotional if the 80/20 thing is confusing – and it should be if you didn’t read yesterday’s post.)

Interdependence is a quality that God, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit model for us. They don’t work in isolation; they collaborate. They “indwell” each other. They don’t compete. Jesus is both the receiver and the giver of the Spirit. Jesus was conceived by the Spirit; at his baptism the Spirit descends and remains on him; he is anointed by the Spirit, raised from the dead by the Spirit.

It’s also true that the Spirit is the gift of the risen Christ, promised and sent by Jesus. The Spirit is the power that teaches us what it means to have the mind of Christ. It pours the love of God into our hearts. It empowers our new life in Christ and equips us for discipleship and service.

Interdependence is a characteristic of God working in union with Jesus and the Spirit. I can only assume that this is a value we should also honor.

So Pete has learned to watch the occasional lifetime movie. And I have learned to appreciate (or at least take a good nap during) all manner of sporting programs.

The Holy Spirit is what teaches us the value of loving what another loves because we love them (so long as it is not illegal, immoral, or fattening). May the Holy Spirit guide you today!


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