March 26

The two verses I chose for today need a little context, but without it I still think we intuit the scene. All of us have issues. We have our dirty little secrets. In recovery, we discover that these little secrets keep us sick. It’s not the secrets, per se, that sicken us – it is the secrecy around them.

I don’t drink alcohol. This isn’t a faith decision, it’s an emotionally charged one. I don’t drink alcohol as one way one little person like me can stand in solidarity with the people I love who battle with addiction. No one asks me to stand with them in abstinence, I choose to do so simply because I want to. I come from a long line of stander uppers. When my dad gets aggravated with a company, he likes to boycott it and ask his kids to do the same. Over the years we’ve boycotted various car manufacturers, soda makers, restaurants, you name it, we’ve boycotted it. So I come by this tendency naturally.

My dad once wouldn’t buy a foreign made car. Today he drives a Toyota and my mom has a Nissan. The foreign car manufacturer boycott has been lifted.

I have no plans to lift my alcohol boycott, but if I did – I wouldn’t keep it secret. I’d drink wine in public. I’d buy beer from the same store that I buy cheese. Whatever we choose to “do”, let’s “do” it with integrity – how about that for a principle?

Too many of us have gotten in the habit of living compartmentalized lives – if not exactly secret ones. (But really, what’s the difference?)

That is what some of you used to be! But you were washed clean, you were made holy to God, and you were made right with God in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ and in the Spirit of our God. 1 Corinthians 6:11

16 It helps me to be a minister of Christ Jesus to the Gentiles. I’m working as a priest of God’s gospel so that the offering of the Gentiles can be acceptable and made holy by the Holy Spirit. Romans 15:16

Our work is to figure out what the real dirt is, surrender to this washing clean process, and then figure out how to live each day KNOWING that we are made holy by the Holy Spirit. Can we try that today?


2 thoughts on “March 26

  1. That was so good Teresa! Coming to Nashville any time soon? I would like to arrange for you to speak to our combined groups=Next Right Step. Blessings to you, tommy

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