March 7

God’s spirit made me; the Almighty’s breath enlivens me. Job 33:4 CEB

As I write these words, I’m breathing in and out sawdust. A team of volunteers is tearing down the walls and opening up doors to expand our worship space. I was really nervous about this project until about twenty minutes ago.

Before the wrecking crew arrived, the new space was only promising in my imagination. I had envisioned the light and space and potential that renovation might bring, but I couldn’t be certain. But it looks great! It’s going to be ok!

I breathe in and out sawdust and thank God for his provision, and the men whose hands are taking something old and making it new.

I feel this same way about myself; I wonder if you feel the same way about yourself! We hear about all our potential and made in the image of God promises, but it’s hard to believe the hype, right? Holy? Me? Are you kidding?

Part of the “tearing down” process will need to include a repentance of sorts. Not only the kind that confesses our misdeeds, but another, less obvious sin as well. The sin of self-abuse. This is that critical, shaming, damning voice in our heads that keeps telling us what’s not possible and cannot be done. This is self-harming as sure as cutting, eating disorders and suicide attempts. Every day that we forget that we are made by the hands of God and through the breath of his Spirit, we are neglecting and abusing our selves. We are participating with our critical and discouraged thoughts in a practice that is not grounded in truth.

The Almighty’s breath enlivens me.

This is his work; and he’s done a decent job. Today, can we make an effort to remember that God’s spirit made us, and we are enlivened by his Almighty breath? That’s the hard part. He did the heavy lifting. Our next question becomes….if that is true, what’s my next right step? How might today go if this is your lens that you look through into your world?


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