Day 12

I’ll Meet You There, Mortar & Stone by Jill Phillips

One day the walls you’ve built are gonna crumble
One day the lines you’ve drawn will disappear
One day a wave of sorrow will pull you under
And when it does, I’ll meet you there

One day you’ll tire of running from your failures
You’ll find the burden weighs too much to bear
It will feel like any hope is lost forever
And when it does I’ll meet you there

Don’t fear the long descent
The path’s been broken in by saints before us
Each tear you cry
Will find its place inside that ancient chorus

Higher ground is harder to believe in
When you’re drowning in a river of your tears
But the river always runs down to the valley
And when it does, I’ll meet you there


If you feel like you have been discarded
Or if you feel abandoned to despair
If pain has frozen over where your heart is
And you see no sign of sunlight anywhere
Sometimes your faith will get lost in that darkness
And when it does, I’ll meet you there

© 2014 Jill Phillips and Andy Gullahorn / The Gullahorns Music (ASCAP)

We all have this limited one way of seeing, but rarely does it hold up over the course of a lifetime.  Something happens that puts our firmly held convictions about life, self, God and maybe even politics to the test, and that leaves us totally disoriented.  What do you do?  Redouble your efforts to keep believing a certain way?  Give up?  Use the period of disorientation to discover a re-orientation?  Maybe you have some certainty going for you today – victor or victim that you may feel yourself to be – but if that doesn’t work out for you, remember:  “I’ll meet you there.”  God doesn’t wait for us to wise up and go find him, he’s moving toward us in love.  Just remember that, in case your systems don’t work out for you long term.


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