Day 3

Over Christmas our faithful old dog Max developed an eye condition; by mid-January he was scheduled for surgery to have it removed.  I didn’t really want the veterinary eye doc to take out my beautiful Max’s gorgeous brown eye, but it was determined to be the next right thing to make him comfortable. Pete and I weren’t terribly convinced that this was right, but we also aren’t specialists, and it was clear even to us that managing it with drops was not helping enough.  We resist doing things that are difficult. What’s difficult for you, might not be difficult for me and vice versa.  We are a resistant people.  We resist change.  We resist thinking, doing, and feeling differently than we have habitually thought felt and done.  This causes as much suffering as the circumstance we’re dealing with, and it often causes problems for others too.  Max’s surgery is tomorrow; we are ambivalent but not resisting.  We aren’t going to pick a fight and try to win and get our way; nor are we going to pretend that this situation is unique and qualifies us for some special victim status.  Old dogs get sick; tough decisions must be made. If you have some tough next right steps ahead, if you are feeling disappointed or covered in darkness…instead of resisting and fighting and blaming, what if you observed yourself?  What if you noticed your habitual ways of trying to stay stuck in either a victim or victor role?  Holding on is a skill set we can practice.  It doesn’t require us to know the future, or judge anyone, or get answers to questions that have no answers – just hold on.  Practice what you know to be decent steps, and hold on.

It Will Pass. Mortar & Stone

© 2014 Jill Phillips and Andy Gullahorn (The Gullahorns Music/ASCAP)

There’s so much risk in love you never understand
When love has turned to dust inside your empty hand
The storm is raging on and you don’t see an end
Will it ever end?

Look out the window Watch as the wind blows
Darlin’, though it’s hard you know it will pass

When you can’t see beyond the darkness at your door
Or believe the day will come when you will cry no more
You can trust someone who’s been here before
And I’ve been here before

Look out the window, watch as the wind blows
Darlin’, though it’s hard you know it will pass
All that is so wrong will fade like a sad song
If you can just hold on it will pass
It will pass

Hold on and we’ll wait the storm out
Hold on and we’ll wait the storm out, Hold on and we’ll wait the storm out
We’ll wait the storm out  …Today, I hope Jill’s words encourage you in some way.


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