Day 1

I bought a “new to me” car – or more accurately WE (my husband and I) bought this car.  But it’s a Mini-Cooper and Pete fits better in an SUV, so for all practical purposes, this car is mainly for…me.  The thing about a Mini is that it is fun and has cool accessories and I like the way the cd player works.  AND Jill Phillips has a new cd out, so this works perfectly.  I get in the car and Jill’s lyrics greet me.  If I told you the ins and outs and what-have-yous about WHY this is so helpful at this particular time in my life, I’d have to kill you to keep you quiet, but trust me – this has been very good for my sanity.

I want you to go out and buy “Mortar and Stone”, but just in case you don’t – which I cannot imagine you making that choice but WHATEVER – I’m going to take time each day to share the lyrics with you.

First Song on this awesome album?  Mortar and Stone….

All around us the ground is opening up with a terrible thirst
And it’s swallowing down all the hope in this town of the way that we were
There’s a smoldering pile where there once was a life, where there once was a home
Now the only safe place takes a village of strength, we can’t do it alone

We’re not going down when the wolf comes to blow
If we build our house with mortar and stone

©2014 Jill Phillips and Andy Gullahorn (The Gullahorns Music / ASCAP)

I don’t know how you respond when it feels like all hope just got sucked out of your life, but whatever you do – don’t try to handle hopelessness alone.  Ok?  This is tough to tell a person, because when we are stuck in hopelessness, we cannot follow advice very well, even if we want to.

One morning I got up early and headed to the gym mainly because I couldn’t sleep.  Troubles swirled around in my head and were not burning any calories, so I figured if I was going to have such an active mind, I could at least add some activity to my situation.  The haunting music to this song accompanied me to the gym, and as bad as I felt, I knew I wasn’t alone.  Because one day, far away in Nashville (or maybe somewhere else Jill was visiting), she wrote these lyrics.  I am not alone.  And it was enough on that day to carry me to the gym, home, and back out into life, where it was possible that the ground was opening up and swallowing someone I cared for – but at a minimum, I wasn’t going to stay home and ignore the possibility that showing up for life in our community is what we do.  If you CAN hope, then maybe it is super important for you to show up in whatever way you can for the people you love.  Can you try that, just for today?  If you feel like you can’t show up, try to anyway. Showing up matters.


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