Day 28

Come, let’s worship and bow down!  Let’s kneel before the Lord, our maker!  Psalm 95:6, CEB

Yesterday mom wrote about the practice of worship.  We often talk about very practical ways to create community.  We talk about the importance of opening up, showing up, and speaking into each other’s lives.  We talk about the importance of friendship, honesty, and accountability.  One of the things we don’t talk about as much is worship.

I’ll talk about one act of worship briefly today.  When we take communion, we create community.  We remember the fact that we’re part of the body of Christ.  We are spiritually connected to all who came before and all who came after us.  We remember the sacrifice God made for us and we dedicate ourselves to sacrificing ourselves for God and for our community.  We receive God’s grace that He bestows every time we take it.  We receive the very presence of Christ as we take it.  It’s not as practical as doing step work together, but it strengthens that bond between us as it transforms us into God’s likeness.  It’s a truly beautiful act of worship.

If you haven’t participated in communion lately, then please come for one of our worship nights and take it with us.  We need it.


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