Day 27

The practice of worship

We’re not a very fancy church.  We don’t have pews and half the time we forget to pass the offering plate.  People all the time are interrupting whoever is preaching – and we actually encourage this kind of dialogue.

One thing I think our community does well is service.  We open our doors to others, we form partnerships with others interested in providing recovery resources faithfully in our local community, we pick up the phone when each other call – no matter the time.

I am very hopeful because I believe that this kind of service is  the essence of worship.  And when we worship, it is a recognition that we stand before and in the presence of God

You shall worship the Lord your God, Him only you shall serve.  Luke 4:8, NKJV (Jesus replying to the offer of power and glory.)

Sometimes we serve others because it seems like the next right thing to do.  Have you thought about how your service of others is a way you worship God?  I hope so!  Because when I observe your service, I often imagine that I hear the angels standing on tiptoe, peering over the precipice of eternity, shouting out a big “Halleluia”!


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