Day 25

The practice of service

I am filled with hope.

In our little community it is easy for me to remain hopeful, because we have so many opportunities to see service in action.

I go to work every day only because the community  gives enough money to keep the lights on and the rent paid.

I enjoy going to work every day because one person  took this once-dingy property and turned it into a place of beauty.  I appreciate this work every day, but I ENJOY it so much when visitors comment on how homey our space is, and how the spirit of the place is warm and nurturing.  I love that.  I just do.

It’s not just the painted walls,  the hospitality is pretty awesome too.  That’s because someone bought and installed a stove – so we can cook.  Not that I cook, but we have someone on our team who does!

I am filled with hope that people are willing to show up for others, serving them in their time of need.  Today an old friend came in and told me about her work in recovery, and her soon-to-be credentialed self is taking her hard-earned experience and will soon offer recovery coaching to people in our local community.  I’m hoping she’ll set up shop at our place, because I would love for our members to have easy access to her services.

I am filled with hope when I think about the way folks  can turn their suffering into service.  These are the ones that pay attention.  They notice that their suffering is not unique, and they choose to give back rather than give up.

We talk often about what’s wrong in the world – but I want to say this, in my world, the folks I get to hang out with – there’s also a lot going really right too.  People share what they have:  time, talents,  tithe, whatever it is.  And that sort of generosity adds up over time.

I find this very hopeful.


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