Day 29

Who are the wicked?

It seems to me that instead of thinking about enemies as people who thwart my plans or simply aggravate me, I need a more weighty measure before slapping that term on another.

An enemy is someone who consciously and intentionally sets out to thwart God’s purposes (not mine).  And, seeing as how God’s purposes are often too big for me to understand, I better be pretty darn careful before I start jumping to conclusions about who the enemy is (or is not).

If only, God, you would kill the wicked!

   If only murderers would get away from me—

  the people who talk about you, but only for wicked schemes;

       the people who are your enemies,

       who use your name as if it were of no significance.

Don’t I hate everyone who hates you?

   Don’t I despise those who attack you?

Yes, I hate them—through and through!

   They’ve become my enemies too.

Examine me, God! Look at my heart!

   Put me to the test! Know my anxious thoughts!

Look to see if there is any idolatrous way in me,

   then lead me on the eternal path! Psalm 139:18-24 CEB

Gosh, I guess what I’m saying is that one thing that I take away from the 139th Psalm is this – judgment is not on my “to do” list.  This isn’t the same thing as saying I shouldn’t use discernment, seek wisdom and practice making good choices about who I hang out with…but maybe I just need to be very careful with how I try to make application of these verses in my own life.  Tomorrow, I’ll unpack that a bit.


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