Day 25

I have a lot of plans.  Sometimes I wake up at four in the morning, look at the clock and think, “Can I get up yet?  I have so much stuff on my docket today!”  I love making plans so much that when they get thrown off, I can get kind of grumpy.  And I get really irritable about a day filled with plans that I need to attend to, but didn’t necessarily make for myself.  Like when Pete (my husband who mostly works from home and handles all the service calls, postage deliveries and such) has to go to D.C. for the day, and I have to stay home and wait for the cable guy.  I am not inclined to think about the hundreds of times he handles these details, instead I think, “Oh man, this really messes with my plans!”

God, your plans are incomprehensible to me!

   Their total number is countless!

If I tried to count them—they outnumber grains of sand!

   If I came to the very end—I’d still be with you. Psalm 139:17-18 CEB

Lately, I’ve been thinking that my plans aren’t always so great, so why not try to be a little more flexible?  Especially in light of the psalmist’s viewpoint.  Maybe if I’m all obsessed with my plans then I’m too distracted to notice that God has some really awesome plans, and maybe I need to be grateful for God’s bigger vision.

Today, WHEN things don’t go according to PLAN (you know it’ll happen), can you take a moment, pause, and consider that there might be something going on in the kingdom of God that requires you to be a bit willing to be flexible with your plans in the kingdom of self?


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