Day 10

Scott has been very vulnerable in these devotionals of late.  Now it’s my turn.  My sin is not always right in front of me. Living independently of God sounds like something I’d NEVER do – but in hindsight, I often realize that is EXACTLY what I have done – for hours, days, weeks at a time.


I had a visit from three delightful children today.  When Brittany (Scott’s wife) arrived  with her three charges in tow, I was happy to take a break from writing devotionals and head out to the back patio.  The warm fall sun beat down on us, and I loved watching a toddler discover the wonders of our back yard.  I also fed them cake.


They love me.


After the food fest, we headed back inside as little dark chocolate cake crumbs dropped from their face, hands, and clothes.  It was so sweet!


My wrongdoings are a little like crumbs that drop off and leave a trail.  I look back and notice what I cannot see in the present – because I’m too busy making excuses or looking for someone else to blame.


Even with the crumb trail, it took a good supply of wash cloths to finish the cleanup so as to return these children home to their parents reasonably clean.  Each child waited patiently while Mrs. Brittany washed faces, arms, fingers, elbows and even a knee.  She scrubbed them clean.  But without her eagle eye and skilled care, I am not sure if any one of them could have passed a cleanliness inspection.


This is why I love verses 1 and 2.  Without mercy, no way can I see the extent of my own sin.  Without the skilled hands of my heavenly Father, no way I can figure out a way to clean myself all up.


Have mercy on me, God, according to your faithful love!

   Wipe away my wrongdoings according to your great compassion!

2 Wash me completely clean of my guilt;

   purify me from my sin!

3 Because I know my wrongdoings,

   my sin is always right in front of me.  Psalm 51:1-3, CEB

Maybe you can relate to Scott’s sin sensitivity; perhaps you’re more in the denial camp with me.  Either way – the way OUT is the same.  Mercy.  Compassion.   Can you find some time today to remember the ways God has shown you both mercy and compassion?  Then, can you return the favor to someone who needs yours?


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